Jan 22 2019

Science City Bahrenfeld

Dec 18 2018

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Nov 19 2018

Prof. Dr. Markus Aspelmeyer, Professor of Physics at the University of Vienna, Austria“ – The Quantum of Mechanics – exploring mechanical motion in the quantum regime”

Nov 9 2018

Dieter LUEST – W-supergravity

Nov 9 2018

Timo WEIGAND – A Stringy Test of the Weak Gravity Conjecture

Nov 9 2018

Irene VALENZUELA – Swampland Constraints on High Energy Physics

Nov 9 2018

Gary SHIU – Quantum Gravity and the Swampland

Nov 9 2018

Sakura SCHÄFER-NAMEKI – Gauge theory from Geometry

Nov 9 2018

Washington TAYLOR – Lessons from six dimensions for geometry, the string landscape/swampland, and the natur…

Nov 8 2018

Albrecht KLEMM: Periods and quasiperiods of modular forms and D-brane masses of the quintic

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