Aug 21 2009

Patricia McBride (FNAL) – Report from the IUPAP Commission on Particles and Fields (C11)

Sachio Komamiya (Tokyo) – Report from ICFA

Ties Behnke (DESY) – Poster Prize Award Ceremony

Guido Altarelli (Roma Tre/CERN) – Particle Physics in the LHC Era and Beyond

Aug 21 2009

Yoichiro Suzuki (Tokyo) – Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos

Jose Valle (Valencia) – Neutrino Mass

Aug 21 2009

Yifang Wang (IHEP Beijing) – Recent Results on Tau and Charm

Christian Weinheimer (Münster) – Neutrino Mass

Sacha Kopp (Austin) – Neutrino Oscillations

Aug 21 2009

Andrey Golutvin (Imperial College/CERN/ITEP) – Status and Prospects of LHCb

Gudrun Hiller (Dortmund) – Flavour Physics Theory

Takeshi Komatsubara (KEK) – Kaons – Recent Results and Future Plans

Aug 21 2009

Soeren Prell (Iowa) – Experimental Results on the CKM Matrix

Toru Iijima (Nagoya) – Rare B Decays

Jolanta Brodzicka (KEK) – Heavy Flavour Spectroscopy

Aug 21 2009

Bill Atwood (Santa Cruz) – Searches for Signatures of Particle Dark Matter

Nigel Smith (RAL) – Direct Detection of Dark Matter

Keith Olive (Minnesota) – Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Aug 21 2009

Florencia Canelli (Univ. of Chicago/Fermilab) – Top and Electroweak Physics at High Energies

Boris Shwartz (Novosibirsk) – Electroweak Physics at Low Energies

Stefan Dittmaier (Freiburg) – Electroweak Physics from Low to High Energies

Aug 20 2009

Francesco Fidecaro (Pisa) – Gravitational Waves Experiments

Seth Hoedl (Washington) – Experimental Tests of Gravitation

Shamit Kachru (Stanford) – New Developments in Theory

Aug 20 2009

Miguel Mostafa (Colorado) -High Energy Cosmic Rays

Michael Punch (APC Paris) – High Energy Gamma Rays

Per-Olof Hulth (Stockholm) – Neutrino Telescopes

Aug 20 2009

Marzio Nessi (CERN) – LHC Upgrades

Marcello Giorgi (Pisa) – Future B-Factories

Neil Geddes (RAL) – Future Perspectives of Computing in HEP