Dez 21 2017

Tristan Mc Loughlin (Trinity College Dublin) – Form Factors and integrable AdS/CFT

Dez 7 2017

Erik Panzer (University of Oxford) – Counting master integrals with parametric annihilators

Nov 23 2017

James Drummond – Quantum Gravity from Conformal Field Theory

Okt 26 2017

Sergio Benvenutti, SISSA – Lagrangians for Agyres-Douglas Theories, Unitarity Bounds and 3D Abelianization

Jul 13 2017

Michal Heller – Towards Complexity for Quantum Field Theory States

Jun 15 2017

Alessandro Tomasiello – Six Dimensional CFTs and M5-Branes

Mai 18 2017

Amit Sever – Universal Correction to the Veneziano Amplitude

Mai 4 2017

Georgios Papathanasiou – Cluster algebras, Steinmann relations and scattering amplitudes

Apr 20 2017

Marcos Crichigno (University of Amsterdam) – Universal RG Flows Across Dimensions

Apr 3 2017

Simone Giacomelli (ICTP) – N=1 superconformal theories from six dimensions.

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